About Me

Hi! My name is Joanna Glumac. I grew up in British Columbia, Canada and moved to the United States in 2012 after getting married to my amazing husband. I actually went to school for Education and believe it or not, I was a high school teacher. My 4 foot 11 inches self, was rocking it down the hallways where 80% of the kids were as tall as, or taller than me. Nevertheless, I loved, and still love working with kids and helping them to become amazing learners and wonderful human beings. However, moving to the the US meant needing to re-certify as a teacher and go back to school all over again to train as a teacher because my Canadian credentials didn’t all transfer over (it was so sad). I was so close to signing up to re-certify when a lightbulb moment occurred – Bing! (that’s my lightbulb sound if you couldn’t tell). Why not try something new? (Crazy thought, I know). So, while living in Texas (yeehawwww), I took classes in Photography, and the rest they say is history. My husband and I moved to Washington in 2014 and I have loved being back on the West Coast. I couldn’t get myself to fully give up working in education and so I started substitute teaching while continuing with my photography. When i’m not teaching in a classroom or taking photos, I’m out enjoying the beautiful pacific northwest with my husband and two pooches. Now that you know me, I would love to meet you! So what are you waiting for? Let’s take some photos and make some memories!!!